Services & Rates

KaHuna - Lomi Lomi

120 minutes: $155

KaHuna Bodywork - (also known as Sacred Hawaiian Temple Style, Lomi Lomi, Aloha and Polynesian Massage).

Originated in the South Pacific - Hawaii - and is a highly Respected Traditional form of Massage, that was very instrumental during transformational Rites of Passage Ceremonies, and for the healing of structural, functional, emotional or spiritual ailments. The primary source of this healing, is through Pule (Prayer) and Aloha (Love). KaHuna is a Soul to Soul dance - where we try and get to the 'Heart' of the matter - where the Science & Art of massage Unite.

KaHuna is unique, and is referred to as the Rolls Royce of Massage - it's a Journey into "Self" and helps the:

  • Mind - through Personal Development;
  • Body - through Massage; and
  • Spirit - through Spiritual awakening.

The Bodywork itself, incorporates the elements; Water-Air-Earth-Fire, in each stroke. The practitioner's forearms, glide rhythmically on the muscles, from head to toe.  The soft and/or deep tissue techniques, stimulate a parasympathetic response, encouraging a restful, relaxed and meditative state - conducive to the individual's healing process. Leaving one feeling Cleansed both inside and out - Soothing:


Manual Lymphatic Drainage

60 minutes: $95
90 minutes: $125

Vodder Method - Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, exclusively focuses on supporting and facilitating, the function of the Lymphatic system, by removing excess watery fluid:

  • Edema - Watery fluid; and 
  • Lymphatic fluid - Lymphedema.

The gentle-lightly performed skin-stretch-strokes, encourages movement and redirection of stagnant-localized fluid, toward healthy lymph vessels.  As toxins are eliminated through the urinary system, fluid retention, inflammation and bloating are reduced.

This soothing technique, can be applied in numerous cases, (e.g. Lyme disease, injuries, head colds, headaches/migraines, arthritis, pre/post  surgeries, mastectomy and/or lumpectomy etc), leaving one feeling Relaxed, Relieved and Rested.

Remedial Massage

60 minutes: $95
90 minutes: $125

Remedial massage is a specialized field, where the therapist performs a visual and mechanical assessment on the body, focusing on an injured muscle, tendon, ligament, connective tissue and/or joint. Or, for mechanical function and maintenance purposes. The observation process, is to gain knowledge, on how to treat the existing impairment that is affecting functionality and form. Or, to identify the best technique to keep the body functioning at an optimal level. A diagnosis from the assessed information, dictates which type of 'massage' will be most beneficial. (Pregnancy or Pre-natal massage falls into this category, along with Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy or Indirect Myofascial Release).

A rehabilitative treatment plan and amount of sessions are devised - which include, but are not limited to; joint range of motion movements, strengthening and stretching, pain and injury management, reparation and maintenance or Referral.

The skills of a remedial massage therapist, compliment that of a: Chiropractor, Osteopath, Orthopedic and/or Physiotherapist.


All Remedial Massage Therapists - perform Massage Therapy

 But Not All Massage Therapists - perform Remedial Massage

Sports Massage

60 minutes: $95
90 minutes: $125

Sports Massage, is a technique that caters to various levels of athletes, from Professional competitors, to the novice gym member or runner. Low or High Intensity training workouts can place a lot of strain, on the seasoned or not-so-seasoned participant.  

Improper body mechanics - overuse, overstrain, overstretched muscles and tendons, can place undue Psychological and Physiological pressure - on the system.

Pre or Post-Sports Massage - helps boost performance and recovery rates, by stimulating the body's circulatory system and natural immune function, restoring kinesthetic and proprioception 'Awareness', and: 

  • reduces risk of injuries;
  • reduces inflammation;
  • reduces mental stress;
  • increases flexibility; 
  • increases oxygen; and
  • increases energy.

Policy & Procedures

  • Please be Advised: 'Local' Cheque, Cash & Venmo accepted. Gift Vouchers & Massage Packages available.
  • Please be Courteous: 24 hours cancellation notice is appreciated. Someone else can benefit from the opening.
  • Please be Punctual: Unfortunately, a late arrival will shorten your treatment session. Full payment required. 
  • Please be Respectful: Inappropriate misconduct, will terminate session instantly. Full payment required.