About Me

Violet was introduced to the fundamentals of Massage - Ancient Traditional Polynesian Style - and its correlation between the Mind-Body-Spirit, at a very young age, by her mother 'Violet Crichton Senior'.  An Intuitive Healer - from the South Pacific Island of Samoa.

Violet was born in NZ, and worked in the Information Technology Corporate Infrastructure for many years, (in both Auckland and Sydney, Australia). In 2005, while living in Australia, Violet decided to leave the Corporate world, and move into the Healing world.


  • Diploma in Remedial Massage.                             http://www.naturecare.com.au
  • Diploma in Sports Therapies.                                http://www.naturecare.com.au
  • Certificate in Kahuna Bodywork (Lomi Lomi).     http://mettesinstitute.com.au
  • Certificate in Manual Lymphatic Drainage.        http://klosetraining.com 

Violet has been working in the massage industry for over a decade. The knowledge she brings to the table, was not only obtained through her informal training and formal academic achievements, but also through the many clients, she was fortunate enough to work with, over the years.

Violet blends Science and Art in her treatments. This wholistic approach, allows her to cater to each individual's unique: